What is World Walkers?

My name is Pedro Galicia and I’m the GM and Creator of the World Walkers Universe, custom-built worlds I’ve been building and telling stories in for over 20 years, and now I’m able to share these adventures with everyone. What sets the World Walkers Universe apart is its focus on world-building, from the Shattered Timelines of Obrimos to the airship-filled skies of the Steam-Powered World of Cog, all the way to the demon-infested Broken World of Pazmos.

World Walkers focuses on a group of world-lost travelers struggling to discover where they are and why, while World Walkers: Cog follows the exploits of a mismatched group of adventurers on a planet of airships, gunslingers, ex-slave wargolems and a shattered kingdom of magic.

What If I’m New?

If you’re new to the podcast, there’s two ways to listen. Starting at Season 4 is totally fine. It’s the current story and doesn’t require the previous seasons to know what’s going on. If you want to binge, however, you can start at Season 1 and listen to the first story, which spans all the way to the third Season.

World Walkers: Cog is still in its first Season, and has a different cast. It doesn’t require any knowledge of World Walkers to enjoy.

So where can you find these podcasts? Here’s a handy list of links so you can listen where you want, but in general you should be able to open up the podcast app of your choice, type in either podcast and you’re good to go!


Where Can I Listen to World Walkers?

World Walkers Podcast:

World Walkers: Cog Podcast