World Walkers is a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast, where a group of adventurers travel from world to world on a desperate quest to save the waking world from becoming engulfed by nightmares. The twist is that the players are actually professional cartoonists, which means that while the story is epic, the players are hilarious.

If you’d like to know more about the game before you jump into the podcast, here’s a bit of info I sent to the players in my campaign guide.


At some point, all dreamers find themselves before The Dreaming Tree, an infinitely expansive tree that reaches out to all worlds. Its roots are buried deep within the island know as Stardust, which serves as the nexus of all worlds.

Some time ago, Stardust was attacked by living nightmares, and the king of dreams was forced to shatter the island and scatter it amongst the multiverse. Placing The Dreaming Tree in his satchel, the king then retreated to a far away realm and went into hiding.

Now, The Dreaming Tree begins to wither, and dreams are beginning to give way to nightmares. It is time to gather the shards of Stardust and replant The Dreaming Tree. You are one of a few who have been called from your world to reassemble Stardust, before The Dreaming Tree dies and dreams give way to nightmares.

The players have made characters from a variety of worlds, all campaigns I’ve run in my 20 year run as a GM. From the Steampunk World of Cog and the Broken World of Pazmos to Obrimos, the World of Pasts and Menroth, the World of the Seal, each character has come together to fight not just for their world, but all other worlds in existence…

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