In our first episode, five strangers from different worlds were brought together by an entity claiming to be the guardian of the dreaming world. The characters learned that they were lucid dreamers, able to exist fully in both the waking and the dreaming world. They were tasked with bringing together the Shards of Stardust so that the Dreaming Tree could be replanted before it, and all dreams, died.

In this episode, the group leaves the tavern and enters the Dream City of Mercurious, where Vassa is wooed, Ertlebee searches on behalf of King Kevin, Tin carries a heavy burden, and the group meets Tompkins, a halfling architect who may be the next piece of their puzzle.

As you may know, each player is a professional cartoonist. Here’s where you can find their work:

Megan of Doodle For Food:
Jane of The Pigeon Gazette:
Olivia of Imogen Quest:
Wesley of Nameless PCs:
Enzo of Cheer Up, Emo Kid:

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Sound Attribution:

Sound Effects: Crumbling Tower – Arvids Saulitis From: Under License: BattleBards Podcasters Audio License

Music: Haunted Cemetery – Unhallowed Cemetery – Olivier Girardot From: Under License: BattleBards Podcasters Audio License

Other Music and Sounds by Syrinscape.