In our latest episode, the group ventures back into the caves to rescue dwarves and discover the truth about the Lantern the town seems so concerned over. Ertlebee gets a new coat, Vassa gets equipped, Brummelstone almost has to threaten to turn this car around RIGHT NOW, and Tin discovers a worthy foe…

Due to Legos (Yup. Legos) Enzo was not here for this episode, as you’ll notice when we vaguely talk about Roborto as we please.

Hope you enjoy!

The Players:

Megan of Doodle For Food:
Jane of The Pigeon Gazette:
Olivia of Imogen Quest:
Wesley of Nameless PCs:
Enzo of Cheer Up, Emo Kid:

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Sound Attribution
Sound Effects: Oakskin Spell – Pablo Betancour

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All Other Music and Sounds by Syrinscape.