The Steam-Powered World of Cog is the setting in which both the podcast and our livestream game World Walkers: Cog takes place. One of the most important historical figures in Cog’s history is Sanctuary, the spiritual leader of the Forged. While it’s believed he is currently on a pilgrimage, the truth is that he has been missing for some time.

The Origin of the Forged

In the World Walkers Campaign Guide  you can read that the Forged are golems powered by arcane magic, constructed by the Kingdom of Khadim to be the ultimate weapons of destruction. When Khadim fell they gained free will and found a home in Falas, the only kingdom on Cog that refused to enter the war. While it was not without some difficulties, the Forged were able to integrate into society fairly well, though they do live within their own district.

The Forged found their freedom, but needed a new purpose. Unlike most other races, the Forged knew exactly what their purpose in life was; to destroy. With the falling of Khadim the Forged needed to discover a new path. For many, this came in the form of Sanctuary

Who Is Sanctuary?

Created to not just lead an army, but replace one, Sanctuary was one of the most terrifying creations to enter the war. There aren’t many stories regarding Sanctuary’s exploits because there weren’t many survivors. When the Forged gained free will, they also became burdened with the chains of empathy and responsibility. Many Forged were unable to handle this newfound conscience.  Sanctuary found the strength to band his people together and lead them safely to Falas. It was a dangerous journey, as the rest of Cog was unwilling to accept the Forged as anything but tools of death. Seven long years later, the Forged had found their way to Falas. In that time Sanctuary grew from protector and guide to the spiritual leader of the Forged, teaching his people about his growing philosophy he called the Path of the Source, which eventually led to the founding of The Church of the Source.

The Church of the Source

Located in the Forged District, the Church of the Source is the spiritual epicenter of Forged life. Sanctuary started the church as a way to help his people wrestle with the meaning of their existence. Sanctuary teaches that while the Forged know that there is no deity responsible for their creation, there is a force responsible for their existence. This power which he calls the Source is what powers and gives life to the Forged; without it, he claims, the spark of life and their very existence would end. Believing that there’s more to them than simple arcane runes and metal, Sanctuary teaches that the Forged have a unique responsibility not just to atone for their atrocities, but to accept and open themselves to the Source.

Only by understanding and embracing the Source can the Forged truly claim their role in the world, according to Sanctuary. It is the Source that separates the Forged from the Steam Lifts and the Airships of Cog; it is what gives them unequivocal knowledge that they too are part of the life and cycles of the planet. Not all Forged follow his teaching, but he is a beloved and respected individual that every Forged knows is responsible for giving them a place in the world of Cog.

Sanctuary In The Podcast

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