Normally, I try to balance out our episodes with a good balance of in-game story and table talk. I want our podcast to feel like you’re at our game, hanging with us, but you’re also in the story, feeling what the players feel when they’re immersed in the world. To keep that balance, sometimes I have to save something for the outtakes at the end of the episode.

That all changed with Episode Six: Dayturnal. We had conversations that were too off-topic to keep in the episode, but when I put them together at the end, it was way too much to just tack on afterwards. So I decided to leave a bit for Dayturnal, and save the rest for this episode.

So enjoy this bonus outtake episode of World Walkers: Cog. Inside you’ll find talk of My Hero Acadamia, hate crimes against music, and a breakdown of Yu-Gi-Oh that left me with a lot of questions.


“Evil Incoming” Kevin MacLeod (
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