Before we get started, I want to talk about something you’ll notice as you listen to this episode. We’ve made the switch to a new gaming system, Pathfinder 2nd Edition. Throughout the 20+ years I’ve run games, I’ve switched between a number of gaming systems. For a long time, the World Walkers Universe was played using the first edition of Pathfinder. Now, with the release of this new version, I’ve made the decision to switch things up again.
Honestly, I think from a listener standpoint, you’re not going to hear much difference. It still uses the same dice, a lot of the same words, and we’re still playing the same stories, characters and worlds. So! If this part isn’t very interesting, skip ahead till you hear the theme song, and you’re just about to the the latest episode! Go ahead. It’s fine. I promise I won’t be offended!
For anyone else that wants to hear a bit more about what’s changed, let me break it down. The big difference is that you’ll hear the players doing more during combat, because players get three actions for each turn, instead of the usual move and action D&D has.
Besides that, you’ll hear some new names for Saving Throws. In Pathfinder, there are 3 Saving Throws, which players use when they’re in real danger, like fighting off the effects of poison, falling off a cliff, or driving a psychic force out of their mind. Fortitude is for physical stuff, Reflex is for dodging things, and Will is for charms and mind-control effects.
Also, each player starts with a Hero Point each game. They can cash these in reroll similar to Inspiration in D&D. Not only that, if they’re dying, they can use all of their Hero Points to save their life! They gain more for performing acts of heroism, but points don’t carry over from game to game.
The players have redesigned their characters as well, and we’ll be sharing their character info as well! The biggest changes probably came for Shannon’s character Tristana. She plays a Summoner, a class I wrote for D&D. While I was at GenCon I was able to talk to the developers of Pathfinder, and using their guidance, I built a new Summoner class for Pathfinder 2nd Edition. Huge thanks to the Paizo staff for their time and insight.
In the end, I think moving to Pathfinder will make for a better experience for both the game and for all of you. I’ve read the book cover-to-cover and I think it’s going to make for better combat, adventures, and most importantly, better experiences for all of us.
In our last episode, Leila convinced the group to go to sleep, hoping that it would take them out of the Nightmares and into the Dreaming City of Mercurious. One by one, each of the others trusted her, begrudgingly or not, and drifted off into a deep sleep.
Outside of a building. Out in the open. In a twisted dreamscape where nightmares have been seen absorbing bodies and carrying them off.

SO. Let’s see what happens in Season 4 Episode 20 – It’s Never Fine.


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