Here’s what’s going on.

After the original cast of World Walkers wrapped up Season 3 of World Walkers, we kept playing together. Originally we kept going with the original characters, which you can hear in The Lost Episodes. But after a bit, the group decided they wanted to play new characters. I pitched them a few ideas, they chose one, and we’ve been playing that campaign ever since.

The game they were interested in is one tied to our a Patreon game I run called World Walkers: Heroes. In that story, adventurers find relics of untold power, and have the opportunity to become the next legends of The World Of Menroth. While their story takes place on one side of the world, this new series follows our original group as they choose a very different path than the Heroes…

It’s been really hard keeping this a secret for so long. Thank you to everyone for making this possible.

I hope you enjoy World Walkers: The Other Ones – Episode 1: Pyramids and PR.